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Remembered Today:

JE & Co - a most versatile manufacturer


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A while ago there was a thread about a munitionette's bonnet (definitely a period piece) in which Andrew Upton and I expressed some views on the markings.


Rather get into a to and fro about that again; I thought it'd be interesting to consider the extraordinary versatility of its  manufacturer - JE & Co: going flat out in 1918 and absolutely without peer in the variety of items it  produced.


All the following appear to be on original items BTW, but that's not the point...


The bonnet:


JE & Co Bonnet.jpg


A pair of breeches:

JE & Co Breeches.jpg


A gas cape:


JE & Co Gas Cape.jpg


An SRD jar wicker basket:


JE & Co Wicker basket.jpg


And most cleverly, this prescient and ubiquitous company were able to anticipate the 1926 pattern groundsheet cape by eight years...


JE & Co 1926 Groundsheet Cap.jpg


As I say, quite an extraordinarily versatile maker.





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That's uncanny! Persons of a nasty mistrusting nature might almost suspect that some funny business was going on, not that I would dream of implying such a thing given what thoroughly upright and decent chaps the majority of professional sellers are.

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I think they were based in Lincolnshire!!

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No more clues/ comments from anyone I'm afraid: the mods may take exception to it, and the thread is far more use to our community being visible.

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Thanks to an eagle-eyed bunch of collectors and researchers, we have uncovered more examples of the output of JE & Co - the most, quite incredible manufacturer of the war years.


It must be absolutely without peer in the range of goods it produced, and the materials it was able to deploy in its workshops: metal, canvas, timber, paper, soap (!). The breadth is amazing, and one only hopes the industrialists behind this astonishing outfit got their due reward.


First is another gas cape, and this is a most important artefact as, hitherto, we believed this company to have only been active in 1918.


Thereafter examples of its truly bewildering product offer.








Flying gauntlets!!




A holdall and a housewife.




Quite the departure these: boot trees and a printing kit.






It's not just wooden goods: here's one of its mess tins...




And finally, for now, SOAP!



Sorry to do this, yet locking the thread again in case cynics amongst us can't refrain from casting asparagus (sic) upon this superb panoply of wartime materiel.





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