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Fritz Eickelberg Feldpost and POW letters Can't find on ICRC


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Evening all,


I've picked up around 13 Feldpost cards and four POW cards to the same soldier - Gefr. Fritz Eickelberg - writing to an Ida Dubel in Silschede in Westphalia.


The feldpost cards date from 1916 to 1917 and all have a postmark of "Masch Gewehr Scharfschutzen Abteilung 24". Two from December 1916 have "221 Infanterie Div" 


I think his unit may have been in Courland at the time (possibly I'm very wrong!) but my main issue is that I can't find Fritz in the Red Cross records. I'm used to the clunky search but have been unsuccessful in my efforts. Could someone assist? Any other info gratefully received.




Here are some examples:








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Ouch. Confession time... I saw that card and dismissed it because I wasn't aware Fritz is short for Friedrich. :rolleyes: Blimey!

This from someone who has been dabbling in German militaria for years.

Still living, still learning.


Thanks Charlie!




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