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Missing PRO MIC/Mis-Sorts

Marc Thompson

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Are any PRO/NA 'veterans' able to confirm whether there is any pattern to those rare occasions of missing Medal Index Cards or mis-sorts.

The reason I ask is that I failed to find entries for a couple of soldiers today when at the PRO - both from 2nd Devons?

Obviously, these could be mis-spellings or I just failed to spot them given that I was going cross-eyed looking at microfiche for hours on end.



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Hi Marc,

I am not an expert at the pro by any means. But I have done my fair share of MIC lookups. I am also doing some research for Chris. I have also emailed Ian Bowbrick the last time I had a problem!

I have learned from these two gentlemen that if you cannot find a soldier he might not of served overseas, therefore not qualified for a medal, and therefore the medal index cards. Also, the MIC's are not in order at all. You need to look through the WHOLE card. I have found men in completely the wrong order ie a Harry among the Peter's, of the same surname etc.

Hope this helps, and if its information you already know, then sorry!


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Alie is correct, you have to look at the whole card. For instance you may be after William John Smith. You may have to look at the following

William Smith

W J Smith

John William Smith

etc etc


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Guest Ian Bowbrick

Just to complete the Trio (I'm Wilfred by the by :lol: )

The cards should be in regimental order of precedence ie for Infantry, Royal Scots, Queens RW Surrey, Buffs etc.

Alie & Michael are right about checking the permutations of a name - I looked up a guy yesterday whose name I knew to be Rchard Wood Smith - his card was under W Smith!


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Thanks for all your helpful answers.

Although I was aware that the cards should be in regimental order of preference and looked both before and after where the last names overrun I must admit that I didn't have time to look at all the permutations of a name which is probably the answer in this case, especially as one of the names was very common.

It was most likely co-incidence that the two entries that I could not find were both 2nd Devons.

I'll add these two to my list again for the next visit.


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