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Jaconet - details?

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I read about the Jaconet as used in medical - and other areas as being a piece of waterproof cotton. But cannot find more details - what does it look like and how was it waterproofed?

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The OED makes no mention of it being waterproof - simply says: "A cotton fabric originally imported from India, but now manufactured in England. The application of the name has undergone change; in the trade it now means ‘A plain cotton cloth of medium thickness or weight, lighter than a shirting, and heavier than a mull’."


However the Practical Guide for General Nursing Science (1997) does indeed say that "The jaconet is waterproof and helps to maintain the moisture and heat of the lint longer."




I have fossicked around in various textile sites and online books and it seems that the fabric (also used for book bindings) was "glazed" with various substances including starch, wax and animal resins ... take your pick. All I can think of for finding a definite reply is the Patent Office...


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hmmm interesting. Yes i have found reference to it as a cloth - usually to do with hair nets strangely enough, its was just the waterproof that I couldnt find details on

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