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Conscientious Objectors

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On 31/12/2004 at 12:08, Guest tonia said:

Was there a list kept of conscientious objectors?

There's a list of New Zealand COs



I came across it when researching a postcard sent by "60351 Pt [sic] Melvin" from Sling Camp in November 1918, saying that he'd joined "the staff of orderlies" at No 4 General Hospital, Bulford. I accessed his


service record


and noticed that he had three times disobeyed a lawful command and that on the second of his attestation papers he had noted that he was a conscientious objector. Googling his name led to the list, and a search of NZ newspapers took me to


this article


The card was one seven or eight featuring New Zealanders at Bulford and Sling in 1917 offered on eBay by the same vendor. Bidding was very fierce, and I won only two. I think - and  hope - that there no more messages from Horace Vernon on the others.



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Magnumbellum - I am researching for a Phd on H. Clarence Whaite and have found the information you have posted extremely useful. I would like to use it in my thesis but need to cite the source.  I would be very grateful if you could help. Clarence was a Wesleyan but he and Evans were friends from Manchester art school and shared 'digs' in Redcliffe Road on first arriving in London. They both joined the No Conscription Fellowship. I also found your description of student lodgings of the period useful and wonder also what the source for that is.

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Rose: Magnumbellum hasn't visited the Forum since May 11. He used to post regularly, so I hope all is well with him.


I've sent him a private message alerting him to your interest.



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