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BEF Asagio plateau video

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Morning all,


Please see the following link for a great video I've come across on the IWM website:




When the site opens click 2/2 video at the top of the screen for the longer version. If there's an issue playing the video click FLASH on the video screen and that should resolve it. 


Hope you enjoy



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Couldn't open this from the link but went to IWM website and searched from there, what a fabulous piece of film, my Grandfather was there at that time with the HAC so very strange thinking he may well have been on the film, Thank you for the link

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Dan thanks for posting, I didn't know it existed but it is so resonant of everything I've learnt about Italy during my grandfathers service there. The lorries struggling up steep hairpin bends, making dug outs in the mountains, football madness of the British and, pith helmets (I'm still trying to pin down the location of my GF with a pith helmet) I would hope that others on the forum might add some narrative as to locations and identities of senior officers etc. Thanks its a great find

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