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Devonshire Regiment and Military Foot Police - W.J. Bishop


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My G-Grandfather was William James Bishop but on all documentation I have including information on the Corps of Military Police website he is referred to as W. J. Bishop. When he was part of the Devonshire Regiment he was a Private and his regiment number was 21592. He became part of the Military Foot Police where he became an acting Lance Corporal with the number P.16577. 


I have his transcripts although trying to infer what they say is proofing difficult. The dates provided on the Corps of Military Police state he served abroad in Mesopotamia for a month (after a spell in France with the 9th) and gave the specific dates of 11/8/1917 to 10/9/1917 for Mesopotamia - these were the dates from his embarkment from Southampton to his disembarkment in Basrah on 11/9/17. It’s here he stayed for the rest of the war and until his demob in 1920 and where I assume he transferred to the MFP around August 1918 due to his MFP number. I also know that the MFP issued him with his medals. 


I would appreaciate any information anyone has or if anyone can point me in a new direction. 


Many thanks,


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Welcome to the forum.

His records seem pretty complete. What exactly are you struggling with? What is it you are particularly after? The records show he was in France Sep-Dec 1916 with 9 Devons. The War Diary, if available, will tell you what they were up to. His time in Mesopotamia may be harder to track. 

I find writing out the info in chronological order helps you to understand it all. 

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Thank you. It mainly his time in the Middle East as that’s where he seemed to spend most of his time and I’m drawing a blank. I have written things out chronologically and just have a huge gap for about 2.5 yrs. There doesn’t seem to be much in terms of information for Mesopotamia. I assume he was part of the 2/6 Devons because of the dates I have but that is a pure assumption. I have no evidence to support that theory.   


I guess I wanted some information around the reasons why he joined the MFP. Seems like soldiers with policing experience tended to transfer but William was a farmer. I know there is probably no way of ever knowing but it is hard not to wonder once you start looking deeper into someone’s past. 


Thank you for your reply. 

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