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Royal Flying Corps Pocketwatch??


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Hello there, this is my first post on your lovely forum- I'm a teacher in the USA and ran across this beautiful Royal Flying Corps marked Swiss pocketwatch. Runs well, and is Sterling Silver with original chain. Problem is after some online research, I have come up empty in terms of what make/model it is, specific year, and even who would have owned something like this. It seems very unique and one of a kind.

I understand the RFC did commission some manufacturers to make watches for them, but they were a lot less ornate, utilitarian, and marked with military identification marks. Any ideas from the fine folks here? I picked it up for 150.00USD, which is a tad high for a pocketwatch, but as I'm a WW1 buff of sorts, it has lots of intrinsic value to me and I will probably keep it till I go to Valhalla myself. 

Cheers, thanks for looking, and happy New Year! 









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14 hours ago, lespaullegend said:

I picked it up for 150.00USD, which is a tad high for a pocketwatch,


I would not have thought that over the top for such a beautiful example (though I'm not familiar with USA prices)


I'm sorry that I cannot help you identify the maker

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