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Newspaper article for wounded soldiers


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Not sure if I am asking the impossible or even in the correct forum.


My Grandfather E Daly RMF no 4364 or 35341 was wounded a few times during WW1, on or about 25 Sept 1915, 19 Oct 1918 and sometime in-between these dates. I understand that these were reported in various newspapers and would ask if anybody who has researched these things could point me in the direction of seeing any articles related to my grandfather. 

He lived in Tralee Co. Kerry.

I have seen some articles that were published as letters from the front, in which he has his letters to his mother published.

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Tralee Soldier Writes Home. The following letter has been received by Mrs Johanna Daly, 5 Dominick Street., Tralee;-France, 13th January, 1915. Dear Mother,-Just a line to let you know I received your kind and welcome letter, which I just received after coming out of the trenches, which is very bad, and raining nearly all the time, and sometimes up to your waist in mud and water, checking the German advance. I am sorry about Neville Shea, but on the 22nd of the month in a charge we lost about 250 men and about 8 officers. It would make your blood thrill to see the regiment of the Munsters advance. Just as daylight appeared the orders were we should take the German trenches at all costs; and taken they were, against a very heavy Maxim gun fire. But that did not stop our advance; we gained the first line of trenches with the point of the bayonet, which made us masters of the situation. The day before we had to march about 25 miles to that village, numbering about 900 men, Our only band was a fife and melodeon. Our fife player was badly wounded, and it was a pity, as he kept us in the best of spirits all the way, playing the best of old Irish airs all the way till we went to the charge. You would imagine it was to a football match the boys were going. The bravest officer of the lot was Major Day. He was wounded twice, and he walked back to the hospital and died there, saying “Tell my wife I died a happy death.” Captain O’Brien died leading his men; and all our officers in front are a credit to the army, and also the men, who did everything they were told and played their parts in that memorable charge, which I shall never forget. Lance Corporal E Daly. Machine Gunner, 2nd R.M.F.


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Thanks Tom

Im not sure how to get access to the local Cork and Kerry newspaper records of the time, It would be interesting to see his wounded in action reports.


Happy new year

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The Irish newspaper archives ore online or you can access them in the local studies section of your local library for free.

Happy New Year.

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