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How was prevented a pottential Bolshevick revolution in Romania?

Morar Andrei

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At the beginning of 1917, Romanian soldiers had a low morale, after two thirds of their country was conquered by the Central Powers. The germans had a powerful propaganda machine, which was used to determine the romanians give up, promising them a good life after the war and allowing them to go home, many of them being just conscripted peasants. Their propaganda campaign was an intense one, using any way to spread it. The second problem began in summer, when in Russia the soldiers started deserting and joining the Bolsheviks. Same problem happened on the front from Moldavia, where the russian deserters were encouraging their romanian comrades to join the revolution and overthrow king Ferdinand. I only know that one measure to prevent any of these, the king promised to the peasants an agriculture reform, giving yhem land after the war. Were there any others ways used by the Romanian authorities to keep under control the population and army, also keeping their morale hight? 

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