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RAF in South Russia 1919


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I am new into this forum so please be gentle. My grandfather came to the RAF via the RNAS. In January of 1919 he was transferred from Skyros (Agean?) 63rd Wing to Talikna (South Russia) 62nd Wing. It's been difficult in finding specific details about what we were doing there. I have only started this journey, so I am only looking at this stage for a book source to explain why we were there, areas of activity etc.,

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Talikna was the RNAS shore seaplane base at Mudros (Lemnos). It was not in Russia. Parts of 62 Wing (221 Squadron RAF) were sent to Petrovsk (Russia) in early 1919

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Thanks for your info. I have ordered the book. I didn't realise that Talikna was on the island. I think I need to visit IWM and get his service record interpreted. full of abbreviations etc. Thanks for your help. Good start.

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