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Diamond Creek Australia Honour Board

stuart rowles

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Is anyone able to take a picture for me in this remote place?

The name of Norman Augustus ROWLES appears on a 'Honour Board' which is housed in St. John's Church,  Diamond Creek, Victoria.


Thank you for looking.

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Hi Stuart.

I'm not far from there and would be happy to assist.

Only joined today, so still getting my head around the messaging.



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Thanks Alf.

Good luck.

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Thanks Alf.

It's very kind of you to take the time to help and it is very much appreciated.


I was very short of time when I answered your first message and I apologise for that.

What I should have said was welcome to the forum.

I have found the forum to be wonderful and have had many questions answered by many experts that use this site.

Good hunting.

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I suggest when completed you download the image to the Victorian War Heritage Inventory as they don't appear to have any information on the details of the honour board.





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Hi Stuart, mission accomplished.

I'll pm you with an email address for most of the others but here's a sample.

There's pews in the way, so I couldn't move them to get a direct shot with the ladder, excuse the angle.


I've had someone take photos for me at the Northern Memorial Arch in Islington London, so it was a great pleasure to return the favour.


The V5a2353a193e92_2017-12-0311_50_51.jpg.fa79f67e922ef1a79a58a7d4cda1cd7d.jpg5a235395c3098_2017-12-0311_50_16.jpg.355b615b68bdfa6216b31e0d338128ee.jpg5a23538d9c5f8_2017-12-0311_48_56.jpg.31214d979b02136e023ee86a7aa92526.jpg

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Thanks Alf,

The pictures are great and very much appreciated.

I don't know where Auimfo found the picture he posted because I could not find one.

He is obviously a better man than me, so thank you Auimfo also for your help.

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I googled and found it here: https://discoverytrailscomau.wordpress.com/18-8-diamond-creek-and-district-formerly-nillumbik/


Oh, and I suppose it's all relative to where you are, but Diamond Creek is an outer suburb of Melbourne so not exactly a 'remote' place.


Tim L.




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  • 2 years later...

Hello Stuart,  I recently came across this conversation and your questions about the St John's Church Honour Board in Diamond Creek.  My name is Jean, I am president of the Nillumbik Historical Society based in Diamond Creek.  Over the past few years a local team from one of our war memorial sites has been researching military and family details of those on all of the honour boards etc across the district.


At the historical society we have created a memorial garden for our local Diamond Creek soldiers and plaques with all of their names, including Norman Arthur Rowles.  Recently we extended that to a research project for each of them.  As Norman is on the St John's Church board he is of course one of them.  One thing we found of interest was that we have two local men, Norman and one other, who served in the Australian Camel Corp.  This is an interesting group of soldiers and they had to be tough to be invited to serve there.


One of our members helping with the project has an encyclopedic knowledge of WW1 history, particularly Australian.  He has put together details of Norman's service history which goes way beyond the detail someone with the knowledge he has couldn't find.  We have researched his family history, so far through his father, back to Oxford.


So, really my question is would you like some of the details we have found?  We have found quite a bit of detail of Norman's life in Victoria particularly after WW1, however, we have some gaps with his early life in Melbourne, so that may be helpful to you too unless you have researched that yourself.  I have attached a photo of the plaques we had installed earlier this year.


All the best for now,


Diamond Creek WW1 Soldiers Plaques_detail.jpg

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