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Postal Costs to France during the war


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I have just come across an account (Grantham Journal GJ Oct 1914) of a gentleman who wrote to the PostMaster-General in October 1914.  He explained that high costs could prohibit poorer families sending parcels to the front.  He cited a parcel he had just sent to his son weighing less than 10lb, valued less than 1s that had cost 1s 9d to mail.  He suggested that UK inland postage rates could be applied to parcels to troops at the front instead of the overseas parcel rates.  The PMG replied (GJ 14 Nov) that he could not see his way clear to altering the postage rates to France (nothing ever changes!).  The gentleman then wrote to Major E Royds the local MP asking him to raise a question to the PMG in the House.


Does anyone know the outcome of this question and if and when the rates were changed?

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Well, nothing seems to have happened up to April 1915.


Liverpool Daily Post 17/04/1915


Would need to look beyond this date to explore whether the policy changed.



Postal Rates 1.JPG

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