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Abbreviations - Gun shot to right hand

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I think it is the Caualty List reference number. I have a part copy of one that is referenced H.A.5762.

The header reads "Sick and Wounded N.C.O.'s and Men of the Expeditionary Force - France. It dates to January 1917.



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There is an ongoing thread on Casualty Lists with numerous H, HA, HB, HC, HW  lists. While 'Hospital Admission' seems the most plausible not everyone on the HA lists were admitted to Hospitals. Nor does everyone on one of these casualty lists turn up on a WO Official Casualty List.


However, with a bit of sleuthing the Soldier on list HA 1851 in the OP does show up on the WO Official Casualty list of 25/9/1916 under his 4 digit Rifle Brigade number.


He was invalided to England 23/8/1916. Bearing in mind how GSW to hands were viewed I presume there would have been an enquiry which exonerated him.


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