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Suzanne Donovan

North Staffs Regiment

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Suzanne Donovan

On 17th November 2017 I will be in Ypres, exactly 100 years after my grandad Private William Henry Biddulph 4th North Staffordshire regiment was there.I just wish that I could find where he was with his regiment. Can anyone help me please?

I have some information.  I understand  they left England landing at Le Havre on 7th October 1917.  He mentions in a letter to my grandma that he had been in Bapaume before moving to Ypres.  The 4th North Staffs merged with the 106th Brigade in 35th Division (London) On 3rd February 1918 they were transferred to 105th Brigade the same Division.

Grandad writes to my grandma on 23/1/1918 , he had been up at the line on a four hour duty when a working party were blown up by "Fritz" 12 men. Grandad went to see one of the fellows he knew from Yorkshire. Grandad said I tried to  cheer him up saying he had got a " nice blighty". The man smiled and said "There will be no Blighty for me. I have felt and I have got no legs". Grandad says "most of them had got legs blown off and none of them lived". He goes onto say how he cried when he heard how bad this man was.  On 28th March 1918 he was shelled, left for dead until someone noticed he was moving slightly.  His left leg was a mess and had to be amputated.  Seriously ill he was transferred  to a Military hospital in Rouen before being sent home.  We have got many letters grandad write from Ypres. I will be reading them with pride.

My family and I are so full of respect for service men and women in all conflicts and wear our poppies with pride.

Thank you Suzy




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this is a duplication of a post made yesterday morning which I replied to.

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