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Remembered Today:

The British Newspaper Archive will be focusing on military in the newspapers in run-up 11/11


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Headlines from History – November military events

American troops British and American troops landing in North Africa part of Operation Torch. The Sphere | 28 November 1942

In honour of Remembrance Day, during the month of November, The British Newspaper Archive will be focusing our attention on military in the newspapers.  Coming up this month we will feature blogs about our special military titles, researching military history, women and war, and wartime rationing and fashion, as well as a guest blog about a remarkable Great War discovery from The Archive.  To begin our military month, we are delving into the newspaper headlines through the years for the month of November.

The British Newspaper Archive is an excellent historical source for the First and Second World Wars.  However, the British armed forces have been involved in conflicts for centuries both at home and abroad.  All of which, can be explored through newspaper research. 

First World War – Third Battle of Gaza: 7 November 1917

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Third Battle of Gaza when the British forces were able to capture the city of Gaza from the Ottoman Empire.

Britain captures Gaza 1917 First World War Leeds Mercury | 8 November 1917

Only a couple days after the event, the Birmingham Mail reported in detail the movement of the British forces and how the capture was achieved.


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