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Embarkation Dept - records?

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Hi - I've already posted this question under a different heading but am just trying to attract some other responses as suggested.

I'm writing a book on the Endell Street Military Hospital. I'm keen to find out if any official records from the Embarkation department survive. I've read chapter IV ofthe Medical Services History which details the system of distribution of patients to different hospitals.  I want to know if I can trace actual patients who ended up at Endell Street and also find some figures for the numbers arriving on particular days - where they came from and what their injuries were.  

Many thanks. Wendy 

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Have you seen the work done by Jennian Geddes? She wrote a long article in Medical History 2007, no. 51.  As someone who is something of an authority on Endell Street she has fully referenced the paper.



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I've not heard of the Embarkation 'Department', but both Casualty Returns and Embarkation Returns were destroyed in the Arnside Street fire (full list on LLT here)


The late Sue Light's website 'Scarletfinders' has a list of the Medical Records extant, including those where the Hospital Admission and Discharge Registers can be found.   Endell Street is not listed http://www.scarletfinders.co.uk/125.html


Since Sue wrote the page Forces War Records have undertaken the digitisation of the records in MH/106 but this is a work in progress.  



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