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Matron E V Forrest

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Hello Forum Members. There was a forum thread in 2014 about Red Cross uniforms and one member mentioned they had a photo of Matron E V Forrest post war in India.


I'm a volunteer researcher with East Riding Archives and our current project is researching WW1 soldiers whose photos appeared in the local paper.   Emily Vaughn Forrest's photo was also published in 1917 when she was received her initial Red Cross Award and so I'm looking into her story.  During WW1 she was sister and then acting matron at Casualty Clearing Station No 29   I also know she retired in 1938 but had no idea that between 1919 and 1938 she was in India until I saw the thread here.


I wonder if it would be possible to let me have a copy of the photo in her Matron's uniform as evidence that this was where she was and if anyone has any other information about her, I would be really grateful.


Many thanks in advance.

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Look as though her service well pre-dated WW1 - see bottom right


This his her RRC in 1918


This his her Order of St John. See page before it for full title of award


This doc gives her service dates as 4/8/08 to 24/6/38


Her ww1 medal index card can be downloaded here


Her records up to 1922 ish are available here (before she went to India). It is weeded but lots of info. Gives dob etc.


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Findmypast shows a transcripted record that indicates a bar to her RRC in London Gazette 2/11/20. In the notes it says both awards were presented by King at Buckingham Palace.

1891census appears to be with her family in Chisick. Aged 8.

1911 census - Fulford York’s as army nurse

1939 -think she is living in Newton Abbott with a domestic help I suspect. She give her dob there as 15/7/1885. Her nursing records say 15/7/1882. So very likely to be her. Possible death registered in Wells Somerset 1964.

Ancestry have a baptism dated 30/8/1882 in Lewisham. Father Thomas, Mother Emily. Father a Mariner.

Probate for EVF of Mellifont Abbey Wookey Wells in 1964. DOD give as 6/1/1964. Spinster. Probate to Lloyds Bank. Left £19903.

1937 Register of Nurse have her at Army HQ, Simla India

Not yet found her Medal Index Card on ancestry but Medal roll shows she was in France 2 weeks after the start of the war. 17/8/1914. So will be entitled to 1914 Star. British War and Victory Medals if nurses qualified for latter two - I think they did.

Quite what period she is India is difficult to tell

1934 - nursing directoryhas a bank forwarding address

1931 - nursing directory she has an address in Windsor

1929 - electoral register - QAM (Queen Alexandra's Military?) Hospital Westminster

1925 and 1928 - the Windsor address

1919 - Electoral Register Maida Vale




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Yes, I have Matron Forrest's group of medals in my collection. It consist of the Royal Red Cross,  Officer Sister of the Order of St. John, 1914 Star trio , 1935 Jubilee and 1937 Coronation.

She was born 15 July 1882 the daughter of a Superintendent at the Board of Trade and educated at the Royal Naval School, Twickenham.  She took her nurse training at the Poplar Hospital in East London from March 1905 to 28 March 1908 and was appointed Staff Nurse QAIMNS 4 August 1908, serving at Woolwich, York and London.  She went to France 17 August 1914 remaining there until mid 1920.  She received the ARRC in London Gazette 1.1.1917 promoted to RRC on 1.1.1919.   She was promoted Sister on 18.5.1917 and was acting Matron from 3.11.1918 to 29.3.1919.

Post war she served at Woolwich 1920, Crowborough 1921, Hong Kong 1922-4, London 1925-8, Netley 1929, Poona 1930-32, Peshawar 1933, Rawalpindi 1934-35 and Simla 1935-38.

She was promoted Matron 9 .9.1931 and to Chief Principal Matron in India 24.6.1934.  She retired to pension 24.6.1938 and died 6.1.1964.


What I do NOT have is any picture of her.



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