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This may seem a strange question but does anyone know what has happened or what will Happen to Sue Lights Research collection??

I was in contact with her regarding some research I am doing shortly before her sad death and she seemed certain that she had the answer.

It woud be very sad indeed if such a large body of research material were to be lost



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Jim Strawbridge

This from :-   http://anurseatthefront.org.uk/sue-lights-funeral-ceremony/


"Fortunately the information Sue so painstakingly put together is available on her websites and here they are:

  • http://www.scarletfinders.co.uk/ – the official war diary of Miss Maud McCarthy, Matron-in-Chief, France
  • http://www.fairestforce.co.uk/ – information on all administrative and organisational aspects of the British military nursing services in France and Flanders during the Great War.
  • http://greatwarnurses.blogspot.co.uk/ – Sue’s blog includes all sorts of information, book extracts and informal comment about military nurses, particularly in relation to the Great War
  • https://twitter.com/scarletfinders – Sue’s Twitter page, begun in September 2010 is full of hundreds of links, retweets and comments both informative and cheeky! A real treasure trove."
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Thanks folks , I am aware of all of those and have read and re read them .

But thats not really what I was after , Its all of her notes book collection etc, etc

I got the impresion from her that there was a lot more to come



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