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Remembered Today:

Ambulance Train at National Railway Museum


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The NRM in York has an exhibition based on a carriage fitted out as an Ambulance. To the rear the it has a Nurses Mess, a Pharmacy in the middle and beds (ward) at the front. Multi media is used to give the impressionof a longer ward.

Carriage schematics, photos and contemporary documents and quotes support the exhibit.


They are curently canvasing opinions about the exhibit so I had  my say. My main issues were finding the exhibit, its tucked away at the back of the main hall with little signage, and that it does not reallty give a decent impression as to how many casualties could be carried on a single train.


However my Grandfather was evacuated on such trains. He was gassed on 28/3/18 and was in Warrington receiving hospital at1am on 1/4/18. So I found it particularly interesting. 


An added bous was The Flying Scotsman, in steam, being coaled in the yard.

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The latest TNA newsletter gives a link to a Blog entry on 'First World War ambulance trains' , which includes photographs of the interior of  one such constructed by the Great Eastern Railway Company  taken from a 1914 edition of the company's magazine, which is possibly connected with the exhibit at the NRM? Don't think I'll be trying 'toast water' any time soon though.


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There are a couple of Images in my collection too.


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