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Eric Grisdale, 54th Battalion CEF


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Hi all,


Can someone help me track down an interview conducted of Eric Grisdale, 54th Battalion CEF?  There are mentionings and citations of his interview online but can't seem to find the rest of it anywhere. 


Any help is appreciated. 






Cited here. 


https://books.google.com/books?id=TE1hBgAAQBAJ&pg=PT267&lpg=PT267&dq="eric+grisdale"+interview&source=bl&ots=wwq1kPRR5h&sig=n1-Yy6GhWnI-andASWTk6x_JixI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjZ89XGs4DWAhUI7IMKHT-zBEQQ6AEIUjAL#v=onepage&q="eric grisdale" interview&f=false



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Also here. 


The 11th Brigade’s 54th and 102nd Battalions began to move forward, but soon came under heavy machine gun fire, and the three tanks operating with the Brigade were quickly put out of action. Eric Grisdale, a private in the 54th Battalion, related the fate of the tanks:

“There was three tanks came up, supposed to be with us, and they came up single file, one behind the other, and there was an anti-tank gun there which knocked over the whole three of them. Why, if they’d come up in a row one of them would have got the tank- the gun- before, but he just cleaned out three of them there and one of our scouts was in one of the leading tanks...- one of the three- the reason being that he would know the patches on [our] shoulders and so that he could stay with our battalion. He was the only one that got out of the tank, out of those three tanks [that] burnt up... and he happened to crawl over a little bit and it was rather peculiar that I should see him there and there was blood shooting out of his neck and he was in pretty bad shape....”859 



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