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Stoneywood WWI RN Wireless Station


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RN rather than Army but a lot of the newspaper reports are about the army guard on the station during WWI including the link below.  They even caught two suspected German spies there.


It was built in 1909 for the Admiralty, not sure when it closed but the buildings were advertising for sale in 1930.


But I have not been able to find where it was - Stoneywood is North West of Aberdeen centre near Dyce.


So just trying asking here in case someone knows or has something mentioning it.



Town, Gown and Gun

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National Archives (TNA) has this Home wireless and telegraphy stations: procedure at ADM 137/4680 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C4116351 - not digitised, but as ADM 137 is "Admiralty: Historical Section: Records used for Official History, First World War" I expect the Official History can tell you something. I can't tell you how to find out which volume, I'm afraid. 


There is also a list of Shore and Ship stations here http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C2488716 which will need a visit to Kew for inspection.


I did search on Stoneywood (and Dyce) but beyond confirmation that Stoneywood is in Aberdeenshire could find no TNA reference.


I couldn't find anything in Aberdeen University Special Collections or Aberdeenshire Archives catalogues but it might be worth asking their staff for help, especially if they have access to the Aberdeenshire Post and Journal (local paper).


The Sir Duncan Rice Library

Aberdeen University
Bedford Road 
AB24 3AA 
Tel: +44 (0)1224 27 2598 
Email: speclib@abdn.ac.uk





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Thanks, I am contact with the Aberdeen HER and they did not know anything about it but are interested. They suggested trying the local archive but as you say their catalogue does not show anything.  I have a subscription to the Briitsh Newspaper Archive so can search the P&J, lots of references but none give a location - might try later with the place name below.  Also asked the local radio club.


I checked the Valuation Roll earlier.  It is shown in 1915, 1920, 1925 and 1930 as RUTHRIEHILL ESTATE OF WATERTON NORTH DIVISION and the houses in Foresters Avenue up to 1925.  Looking on Streetview, the houses in that road could easily be the original ones.  There is a school across the road, I might try and EMail to see if I can tap into any local knowledge but will wait a week as they probably busy this week with it being the start of term.


I have some credits at ScotlandPeople so might look at one of the Valuation Roll pages but suspect that might not show any more.


PS Some friends have been looking at lot of TNA files on WT stations and Y Service in particular which is where I saw the name.

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The address in the Valuation Rolls is 'Ruthriehill", this seems to be a farm West of Waterton and surrounded by fields (2nd Edition OS Map) so a likely location for the WT station - NJ 888 110


Waterton House is at NJ 894 107


Forester's Avenue has no buildings on the North side of the road which could fit with the houses visible on Streetview having been built to house the station staff/  NJ 891 110


I was just looking at some early pictures of Dyce Airport but the original airport was North of this area so nothing visible.


In 1915 there was 39 Woodend and in 1920 285 Stoneywood Road.  There is a Woodend House at 285 Stoneywood Road and it could be similar age to the one's in Forester's Avenue.





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Did you ever find out any info on the Stoneywood Wireless Station?

I am searching for info as my father was born there in 1924 (No 2 Wireless Station, Stoneywood) and my Grandfather was a radio operator there at the time.  But I can find nothing at all anywhere to help me fill the info gap.

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