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Thomas A Honour - RFA


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Hello folks,


This is my first post so please be gentle! Apologies in advance if I have posted this in the wrongs section.


I'm in the process of researching ancestors from the Great War and have started with the Honour family (one of whom is my great-grandfather).


However, one ancestor, Thomas A Honour is proving fairly tricky.


If I have the right ancestor, then only his Medal index Card is available. This suggests he was a member of the Royal Field Artillery, he was ranked 'Gunner' and that his Service Number is 183330.


He doesn't appear to have any other surviving record - is there anywhere else I can check? Would contacting the RA Museum help?


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Best wishes,





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Hi there!


Yes that would fit - he was actually born in Fencott which came under Bicester at the time.


Are there any sources of info you can recommend?


Many thanks

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His number places him being called up on October 7, 1916 to No.3 RFA Depot, Hilsea. Apart from that there is very little that can be determined without a service record. The usual advice in a case like this is to look for Absent Voters Lists in the area he would have lived in. It may confirm the number you have found and give a unit.

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