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Major Clarence Montague Yates - Kings Liverpool Regiment


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Although I have a small collection of WW1 medal groups, I have never tried researching any of the recipients.


However, I have recently developed an interest in WW1 cabinet photos and last week, I acquired 2 large portrait photos produced by the Lafayette photographic studios in London of Major Clarence Montague Yates of the Kings Liverpool Regiment whom I have established won the M.C. and was also a member of the Victorian Order (MVO) and was awarded the Legion of Honour.


I have tried to obtain a copy of his medal card from The National Archive but his name does not appear and I really don't know what I'm doing wrong!


I would love to be able to obtain some information on this officer and I was hoping that a forum member would be able to point me in the right direction - in particular, I would love to be able to obtain a copy of the entry in the London Gazette stating how he won his Military Cross.

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Thanks for the info 'IPT' - much appreciated!


I had no idea that you should search the records under both the full Christian names and initials - it would help us 'beginners' if The National Archive changed their search page from 'First name' to 'First name OR initials'.


However, this doesn't seem to work all the time as I've also attempted to obtain a medal card for a Lieutenant Ronald Percy Shaw of the M.G.C and tried searching under both his full Christian names and initials - I have his memorial plaque (he died on the first day of the German Spring Offensive - 21/3/1918) and war medal in the original box and was trying to establish if he was also awarded the victory medal - any ideas?


Thanks again for your guidance.

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Percy Shaw's officer file is here




His Medal Index card has Robert Percy Shaw as the name. Shows a previous unit as Inns of Court OTC. It also shows that OiC 6th Bn Lancs Fusiliers sent the list of officers with his medal entitlement on. Has a date of entry to France of 9th Apr 1917

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You can be a registered guest on Ancestry, and view the MICs in colour there for free, plus the reverse which is not available on the NA.

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C M Yates was born on 22/11/1881 in Erdington, Warwicks. Family lived in Leamington. Originally commissioned into the Royal Warwickshire regiment in c1901. Served in Boer War. Entitled to Queens South Africa Medal with Orange Free State and Cape Colony Clasps


1911 Census has him in India (although marked absent on the day) with 2nd Bn Kings (Liverpool) Regt.


Died 17/7/1965. Probates shows CBE, MVO and MC. Lived in Eversley. Died Yateley Hospital, Hants. Probate to widow Joyce Morgan Yates (married Hanover Square, reg in 1Q 1915)


MIC indicates he was a Staff Officer. ADC to Commander 1st Army. Numerous paper reports about his MVO award by the king on a visit to France in it seems late 1915. Also M.I,D London Gazette 1/1/16 a record card says. Ditto again LG 17/2/15. Both cards say General HQ


Disembarked in France 15/8/14. So he was entitled to 1914 Star, BW and VM. 


MC and MVO I think both in LG 1916


But for a "distinguished man" I can find very little on him. I have seen Staff Officers with anything up to 18 MIDs etc. This, in my opinion, makes a bit of a mockery of gallantry awards. Interesting to see what his MC was for.

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Mark - I really cannot thank you enough for taking the time to find so much information in such a short period - amazing!!


The details you've provided for Ronald Percy Shaw have been particularly helpful - as well as owning his plaque and war medal, I also have the infantry officers sword, ID bracelet and numerous photos belonging to his brother, Captain Bertram William Shaw of the 6th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers who obviously submitted the 'list of officers with his medal entitlement' on behalf of his deceased brother/family.


I understand Bertram was very close to Percy and I have photos of the 2 of them together in France together with the letter of condolence from Percy's commanding officer to Bertram describing his death on 21/3/2018!


Your mention of the medal index card showing his previous unit as being the Inns of Court OTC also answers the puzzle as to why his possessions included a shoulder badge for the Inns of Court OLC.


I don't understand why Percy's medal card hasn't been digitised but I will certainly request a copy from the National Archive.


I'm quite certain that without your help, I would never have tracked down this information by myself as you obviously require a deep understanding of how the system operates to find this sort on info which undoubtedly can only be acquired after many years of experience.


Thank you once again for helping to bring the history of these men 'alive' for me - this means a lot as the cabinet photos of Bertram and Percy Shaw stand proudly in my home as a permanent reminder of these brave men!!


Thank you also to 'IPT' for the additional information to be found on the 'Ancestry' website.

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