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Interpreting the note on a medal roll page (not medal card)


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Attached is a page from a Machine Gun Corps medal roll: I am looking at the entry for 140013 Thomas Wilkinson and can't understand the pencilled bit in the "Theatre of war served" columns. It looks to me like "OGS" or similar, but I can't find any matching acronym on any of the online useful sites. Please can anyone advise the correct text and meaning? - Thomas Wilkinson was my grandfather.


Thank you,


Martin Wilkinson



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They appear to be the Initials of the clerk who has checked the entry's

on the roll  





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Thanks, hadn't thought of that, but if it was I would expect one for each soldier? 140019 only has an X in there? Is there any significance to the tick in sub-column 4 of the Theatre of War column? Annoying that there is no real information in there but I suppose they were filling in records for large number of men and just put in the minimum needed...

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