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Remembered Today:

Photo A Coy, 9th OCB, Gailes, March 1917


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A couple of images of this 9OCB photo recently acquired from a lady in Holland via the forum. I'll list the officers featured that I've identified via the LG and medal rolls so they'll pop up in searches, but if anyone can help with the gaps I have it'd be much appreciated........

If anyone would like me to attempt a crop of a particular individual them PM me.



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Staff featured:

Maj Seymour Spencer Somerset Clarke - Camerons (died 11th May 1918)

Capt Shepherd

Capt Frank Henri - 11th (Service Bn) Northumberland Fusiliers

Lt McIver

Lt Cecil Wentworth Hammerton MC (3rd Bn London Regiment) 

Lt Powell

CSM Johnston

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Cadets I haven't managed as yet to identify or find a LG entry for (all commissioning dates for the cadets featured seems to be 28th March 1917). 


J N Cameron

J Denness

A M Laing

W Milward-Oliver

R Park



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Cadets identified (there are some photographer's mistakes with initials to the mount that the LG entries identified) listed alphabetically by surname together with commissioning regiments and basic CWGC details for those that were subsequently killed in action:

Bernard Abbot – KOSB

Frank Airey – NF

Eric Affleck – East Yorks

John Allison – A&SH                          (kia aged 23 on 21Mar18 C Coy 14th Bn)

** Anderson R (No gazette entry – possibly Robert Anderson (kia aged 24 23Mar18,  2nd RS)

Thomas Kilpatrick Anderson – RS

Charles Mitchell Arnott – HLI

Benjamin Bailey – S Lancs

Aveling John Wing Baker – A&SH    (kia 23Mar18, 4th attd 7th Bn)

Daniel Sharpe Barclay – Camerons

Frederick Charles Beales – Lincolns   (kia aged 24 on 4Nov18, 4th Bn)

Alexander Berry – A&SH

Carlton Birkett – N Cyclist Bn

William Cant Black – HLI

Donald Cargill Bell – N Cyclist Bn

Bell JR (No gazette entry - possibly James Rogerson Bell (kia aged 25 01Apr18 10th RS)

Thomas Archibald Begbie– Cameron H

Richard Trevor Ogilvie Bracken – Gordons

Andrew Donaldson Brotherton – Seaforths

Frank Burns – Seaforths                     (MC kia 31Jul17, 8th Bn)

James Burt – BW                                (kia 19Jul18 aged 20, 3rd attd 8th Bn)

Frederick Glover Carson – KOSB     (kia 30Nov17 aged 19, 1st Bn)

Ernest Alfred Carlisle – Notts & Derby

Alexander Ross Chesney – A&SH

James Salmond Christie – BW

James Edmund Vaughan Chubb - RS  (15th Bn, POW 22Oct17)

John Cairns Clow – Seaforths

John Henry Coatsworth - Yorks Regt

William Cochrane – RSF                    (kia 26Sep17 aged 20, 1st Bn)

James Cook – A&SH

William Henry Copeman – Lincolns

William Rocke Cotterell – HLI

Ian Bruce Cummings – A&SH

Thomas Russell Curryer – RSF           (kia 26Sep17 aged 24, 1st Bn)

Alexander Fraser Davidson – BW

Austin Osborne Davies – Gordons

Joseph Jonathon Davidson – DLI         (kia 23Jun16 aged 22, 2nd Bn)

Andrew Dawson – KOSB

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Here are the remaining identified (I think!) cadets: 


James Anderson Donald – Camerons (POW 28Mar18,  7th Bn)

David Dunn – A&SH

Ernest George Elmslie – RS                  (kia 26Sep17 aged 20, 2nd Bn)

Walter George Fenton – Lincolns.        (POW 15Apr18, 5th Bn)

James Ferris – HLI                               (kia 02Dec17 aged 29, 16th Bn attd 97th TMB)

Robert Muirhead Pairman Findlay – Gordons

Francis Arthur Flin – DLI

Harold Georgeson – Seaforths

James Gibson – RS                               (POW 01Aug17, 13th Bn)

Thomas Gidden – Cameron H

Ronald Giddy – RSF

William Peter Gillespie - RS

George Edmund Gleave – R Lanc R

Alexander Gordon – A&SH

Thomas Gormley – KOSB                    (kia 12Jun18, 1st Bn)

George Ellis Martin Govan – BW

Horace Frank Crossley Govan – BW.   (POW 23Mar18, 8th Bn)

William Ireland Gowans – NF              (kia 13Oct17 aged 25, 25th (Tyneside Irish) Bn)

William Gray - HLI

George Dickson Greenlees – BW         (kia 01Dec17 aged 23, 4th Bn)

David John Griffiths – Welsh Regt

Charles Wilfrid Guthrie – RS                (kia 01Aug17, 13th Bn)

Robert Hamilton – Cameronians

Norman Hancock – RSF

Walter Read Harris – Suffolk Regt       (kia 10Oct18 aged 30, 1/5th Bn attd 1/1st Cambs)

Peter Harrower – RSF                           (MC kia 17Oct18 aged 27, 16th Bn attd 12th Bn)

Arbor Henderson – RS

Alfred James Hill – A&SH

Arthur George Hill - KOYLI

Thomas Wilson Hill – HLI

William Leslie Hilton - DLI

Dan Jones Hirst – Border Regt

Thomas Adamson Holden – DLI

Francis Slinger Howell – Gordons        (kia 31Jul17 aged 19)

James Rankin Hunt – Cameron H

John Wallet Hyslop – Gordons             (kia 26Oct17 aged 23, 3rd attd 2nd Bn)

Robert Milne Irvine – NF

William Browning Jackson – Seaforths

John Hugh Johnstone – Berkshire Regt

Andrew Kyle Lindsay – A&SH

William Malcolm Lawson – HLI

William Fred Maskell – Lincolns          (kia 22Nov17 aged 21, 1/4th Bn)

Godfrey Vincent John Maxted – East Yorks

John McArthur - Gordons

David McMurtie McBlane – RS            (kia 12Oct17, 4th Bn)

William Martin McCash – BW

Thomas McCormick – HLI

James Rodger Tait McCloy – A&SH

Andrew McCullagh - RSF

Fraser McEwan – Gordons                      (kia 24Mar18 attd 44th TMB)

John Campbell MacFarlane - KOSB

Ian Darroch MacKay – A&SH                 (kia 21Mar18 aged 21, 14th Bn)

John McKechnie – KOSB

Alexander Ritchie Doughty McKenzie – Gordons (kia 22Mar18 aged 24, 4th Bn)

Richard Devorn Samuels MacKenzie – Seaforths  (kia 01Jul17 aged 21, D Coy 8th Bn)

Allan Angus  MacKinnon - RS

Alexander MacLean - A&SH

Douglas Angus MacLeod – KOSB           (kia 05Oct17 aged 27, 3rd Bn)

John Stephen McMillan – RSF

James Wilson Mennie – Gordons

Thomas Fraser Morrison – A&SH

William Lucian Murgatroyd – Cameronians

Norman James Ogilvy – RS

Thomas Harold Oldershaw- HLI                (kia 14Apr18 aged 20, 3rd Bn)

James Paterson – HLI

Northcote Petter – DLI

Owen Maynard Power – London Regt

George Bernard Locking Price – Gordons (kia 23Aug17, 3rd attd 8th Bn)

Fred Read – BW

Donald Reid – HLI                                      (kia 17Aug17 aged 19, 4th attd 2nd Bn)

Douglas Leman Reid – Essex Regt             (kia 21Sep17 aged 21, 6th Bn)

Cyril Gladstone Richards – RS

George Alexander Ritchie – A&SH

Albert Victor Robb – Cameron H               (MM MiD, kia 12Mar18 aged 27, 5th Bn)

David McKintosh Ross – HLI

Thomas Andrew Scott – Warwicks

Stanley Smurthwaite – N Cyclist Bn

Herbert Daniel Sowerby – RS

Edward Alec Suckling – Gordons

Hudson McLaren Thomson – BW

Allatt Thornalley – South Staffs                 (kia 01Jul17 aged 31, 2/5th Bn)

James Clark Todd – HLI                             (kia 27Jun16 aged 23, 17th Bn)

Matthew Gilmoor Todd – HLI

Clarence Edward Townend – KOYLI

Reginald Townend – KOYLI

Charles Arthur Phin Wallace – KOSB       (kia 22Mar18 aged 20, 3rd attd 6th Bn)

Ernest Churchill Walsh – South Staffs

Thomas Hugh Watson – Gordons

John George West – RS

James Duff White – RS

Richard Harold Wilks – North Staffs         (kia 30Nov17 aged 21, 2/5th Bn)

Maurice Edward Williams – South Staffs

Ronald Paterson Wilson – Seaforths

William Graham Wilson – A&SH              (kia 24Aug17 aged 27, 14th Bn)

Charles Henry Winterton – West Yorks

Charles Richardson Wolfe – RS

George Louis Yule - BW



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mrfrank....Daniel Sharpe Barclay – Camerons. 2nd Lieut.28th March 1917. Lieutenant 28th September 1918.Joined the 3rd Bn Camerons on first appointment: Seconded to K.A.R 11th July. 1917.

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