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Identity of German Generals in photo


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I suspect the photo is well known but just in case it was taken on the wedding day of Herzogin Sophie Charlotte von Oldenburg and Prinz Eitel Friedrich von Preußen.

Is it possible to identify the Generals?


Where in Berlin was the photo taken?


Behind the Kaiser and Herzogin Sophie Charlotte are Prinz Adelbert and Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm - is he wearing the uniform of the Garde du Corps? 


The soldiers of the Guard provided by 1. Garde Regiment zu Fuß are all of a very similar size - were there special physical standards for joining the regiment?


I suspect the small "boy" with the Colour Party is an officer cadet, am I correct? How old would he be?


Does anyone know where I could obtain a good quality copy of the un-cropped photo? (The Band on the left is missing)


Thanks Charlie



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Interesting link as well! But a bit of a blooper there, with the second photograph... "The numeral II on their collars may signify that this unit are members of the 2nd Garde-Regiment." They are not numbers, they are Garde Litzen, stripes indicating that they are members of a Garde regiment... see e.g.: http://www.kaisersbunker.com/gtp/gtp10.htm

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