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Rifle range plan,Biscot camp Luton ?


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 looking for any plans or diagram showing the 600 and 1000 yard rifle range ,targets and firing position at Warden and Galley hills about 2 miles north of the Biscot camp in Luton.





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Here is a general map of the area that I found as a link on Wikipedia.

Not what you're after I know, but may assist you at some point.

The link is here:http://magic.defra.gov.uk/MagicMap.aspx?startTopic=Designations&activelayer=lnrIndex&query=REF_CODE%3D'1008913'


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Early 1930s photo showing Warden Hill,the 600 yard range behind the houses in Warden Hill Rd,where that row of trees is on the right.

WP_20170729_16_48_48_Pro (3).jpg

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Early 1930s aerial photo showing the course of the South Beds golf club,can't make out the slope of the hills,the 600 yard range had targets near the foot of the hill.

WP_20170729_16_44_21_Pro (3).jpg

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