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Monchy battlefield tribute taken/removed? Info/help please

Shannock Bob

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Hi there, back in April I visited the battlefield at Monchy Le Preux where I placed a varnished cross and a photograph of my Great Grandad, Albert E Bayfield who died there on April 11th. I made my visit in order to place my tribute exactly 100 years after the date of his death. I found a lovely spot under a tree so the photograph over looked the battlefield by the village. This was right outside the Orange Trench cemetery just up from its entrance gate by its perimeter fence. I have hopefully attached some photographs below of the tribute as I left it on that sunny morning of April 11th.


today I happened to check in on this website for the first time in ages and subsequently decided to do a Monchy image search where I discovered a photograph take. Under that very same tree. It shows that my cross had been moved behind another tribute to a fallen Private by the name of Levi Paul of the 4th Battalion of the Dorsetshire regiment. The text on their plaque indicates it was placed on 12th April, the day following my visit. 


I have managed to contact the act the person who took this photograph on 12th June and he advised my that he did not touch anything and could not see my photograph by the tree. I am quite upset at this to think it had been taken possibly within 24 hours of me placing it having spent a long time anticipating my trip. I would love to hear from the family of Private Paul to see if they can tell me if the photograph was there when they placed their tribute on the 12th and if they have any information on it being moved or taken I would love to hear from them.


in the photo of their tribute you can clearly see the metal pole which I had glued to my cross remains in the ground where I had secured it.






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This must be disappointing for you.

For what it's worth, I think your first photograph is excellent, with beautiful sunlight illumination fom the side.

I take it that the cross in the third photograph is yours?

The markings presumably from brush strokes in the varnish are , in my humble opinion , identical.

Is this area on private land? Or a roadside verge?

Could the landowner shed some light on the matter?

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Hi there, yes the cross in the third photograph is my cross placed behind a tribute which was not there when I visited on the 11th April. The photograph was taken by a gentlemen on the 12th June when he made a visit and he says the photograph was no where to be seen.


It was private land I image although right next to the CWGC Orange Trench cemetery so not at all obtrusive or in the way - just nestled under the tree.


Thanks for comments about the photograph. I was immensely proud of it.

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