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242 brigade RFA war diary

kevin donaldson

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Hello folks, i am wondering if anybody knows if the war diary for the 242 brigade RFA has been digitized yet? My reason for asking my great grandfather was transferred to this brigade in 1917 from the 252, and i am looking to get a day by day account of his unit. He won the MM on the 10th April 1917 near Vimy but im curious of his other actions. I have the diary of the 252 and this would finally piece together years of research on my great grandfather.




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You need the first 4 diaries from here - http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/browse/r/h/54f0b5f10a9741b4bfaf4340e6d295b7

The covering dates for the last two are a bit suspect and they have added "Park Section ASC" for some unknown reason.

However this is the reference they were under before they messed with the catalogue.

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