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RGA units and locations


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I'm studying the service record of 123460 Enoch Beardmore and any help with unit locations would be appreciated.


RGA No 4 Depot is Ripon.  After three weeks (initial training) he is posted to 15 Company(?)  This is the Coastal Defence unit in Londonderry.  I'm assuming that at this stage in the war it was mostly a training unit to teach gunners the basics of the trade?


January 1917 posted to SA Prees Heath then three days later posted to 333th Siege Battery.  Again making an assumption this was where and when 333rd Siege Battery was formed?


March 1917 posted to 349th Siege Battery (which I understand was formed in Hull in January 1917).


Service record indicates my man arrived in France on 14 June 1917.


1) Was this the arrival of the battery on the Western Front? or was he a replacement?

2)  Any idea of the battery's location on or around 11 August 1917.  Enoch was admitted that day to a general hospital in Rouen with shrapnel wounds to back and shoulder.  Later evacuated back to the UK before being discharged out of the army in December 1917






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Nigel, I can confirm the 349th Sb went out to France on 14th June 1917 so Enoch was part of the original crew. The battery became part of 66th HAG on the 28th June and 55th HAG 2nd September. Can't help with locations at present

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On 11.8.17 the Bty No 2 gun 12in Howitzer Mk IV fired 23 unobserved rounds on hostile batteries, whilst positioned at map coordinates H23b.7.7. (Sheet 28 NW4 Ypres) which I make just a little East of Belgian Chateau (Halifax on some maps).

Rgds Paul

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Thank you for the very helpful information.  Another great example of how good this forum and the people in it are.

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