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3rd Welsh Field Ambulance & 171 indian combined Field Ambulance


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Good Morning

I have a man in the 171 Indian Combined Field Ambulance. Attached as a driver from the ASC. As the 3rd welsh field Ambulance were absorbed into the 171 Would I guess that this man was in the 3rd welsh Ambulance & part of the 53rd welsh division, before the 171 were on the scene in September 1918. He arrived in Egypt in 27 march 15 attached to the RND , stayed in Egypt when the division went to France.


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The 3rd Welsh Field Ambulance was placed under command of the 53rd Welsh Division when it was activated from the TA role, but was almost immediately assigned to the 54th East Anglia Division in August 1915. It was only in September 1918 that it was absorbed into the 171 Combined. The March 1915 date is 5 months ahead of the 3rd's arrival in Egypt, so it's likely he was not 3WFA

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