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Cameronian (Scottish Rifles) - Experts?

Paul Johnson

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Is there a Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) expert who could help me please?

The attached is dated 19/06/1919 and is from a Soldier of the Hertfordshire Regiment who was killed on the 13/11/1916, Walter Andrews. His brother, Frederick, is shown as serving with the 17th Battalion Cameronians. I can't decipher his Regimental Number (looks like 14619 or 94619). I have searched the MIC's and the Medal Rolls and cannot find any record of him. As the 17th Battalion did not serve overseas, I assume he may have remained on Home Service only.


Are there any Cameronian experts who could help me confirm if he was Home Service only, or who may have a bit more info on the 17th Battalion (like a nominal roll for 1919??).




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This might be the answer from The Long, Long, Trail:

 16th and 17th (Transport Workers) Battalions
Formed in Paisley in December 1916 and Hamilton in February 1917.
Both remained on duty at ports in the UK throughout the war.


The note seems to read 17th Batt Cameronians, T.W. SR, Customs House, Greenock, Scotland.



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The 16th and 17th Battalions (Transport Workers Battalions) Formed at Paisley in December 1916 and Hamilton in Feb 1917 for duty at ports. The16th Bn remained at Paisley but the 17th Bn. moved to Motherwell in 1918.

Cheers Rob..


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Thanks Guys.


As you may be aware, researching Home Service Battalions is difficult. Thought there may be an Activity Diary of some kind tucked away in a dusty archive somewhere.


Scottish friends might know a little more?


Thanks Again.


Paul J

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