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This will be my first post on this website.


This is a photo album I found about 20 years ago in an antique shop in Havana, Florida.  It was run by a woman named Helen Archer that did estate sales in Rochester New York in 1950's through1960's.  It was the most wonderful place with items in every crack and crevice of the most wonderful antiques.  She had gold watches to estate jewelry, civil war medals, prints, oil paintings, photographs, daguerreotype, cdv, cabinet card, unusual collectibles many of which I still own.


I would go on a Saturday about 10 am and did not leave until she closed at 6 pm.  Oh how I miss those wonderful days before the internet and the antique road show.  The treasures were many and the prices were reasonable depending on popularity.


This photo album belonged to a Nurse from New Zealand.  It has over 100 photos with many captioned.  Some show soldiers and many show street scene of Cairo in 1919 in an album called Sunny Memories.  I will post a few at a time.



Pont-de-Koubbeh, Cairo, Here is an article that describes this place, just cut and paste.




This is captioned "H. Ships Alex Harbour"



 Our Home Cairo



Semiramis Hotel Cairo


Gardens Alex.  I am assuming this is in Alexandria, Eygpt



This photo was just captioned Isolation



No Caption


This had the caption "Our Club, Cairo"


This was captioned "Convoy for NZ.  I believe this picture shows the beginning of

transferring the wounded soldiers to hospital ships, then to hospitals in Brockenhurst, England

and finally New Zealand.5954afd1befff_1A2017-06-04003(2).jpg.d522ddd070e9aa622d3b51a0f900588c.jpg5954b6255102f_3D2017-06-04005(5).jpg.6c04adc316da24285d2a9cf99914e419.jpg

This shows, "Changing of the Guard, Sultan's Palace"



This is the Suez Hospital


Orderlies Barracks



Our Canvas Hospital




A Barrage


I will post more images as time permits.

6A 2017-06-04 008 (2).jpg

Page 4 2017-06-04 .jpg

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Thanks Robtnar. Look forward to seeing more.


I am sure most locations out and about can be identified by cross-referencing with other nurses' albums.

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Sadly, this very worthwhile opening post was Robnar's first and last on the Forum. He joined us on June 29, 2017 and last visited us on the next day.


I've sent him a private message - which he may or may not pick up - saying that I would like to see any photos of the hospital in Brockenhurst..



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That Semiramis Hotel was demolished and another of the same name built on the site, it is on the Nile in Central Cairo.


The lion on a plinth (bottom left of the four photos) looks a lot like the ones at the Kasr el-Nil Bridge in Cairo, and it looks like the old bridge.

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