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Injured Naval POWs


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Trying to find information on the injured POWs from HMS Nestor after Jutland. The service record for Stoker 1st Class Bernard Cox show that he was badly injured during the Battle of Jutland May 31st/June1st 1916,.That he  was sent to the Feastings Lazaret in Wilhelmshaven, Kaiserstrasse. Add to dictionary, and died there on July 10th. In addition to his Service No there is also what appears to be Reference No. which reads NP6515/16. His body was  reburied in the CWWG Cemetery in  Hamburg. Any suggestions as to where I might search for additional information on his short time in captivity - there is no record of his on the IRC prisoner of war database




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The 'NP' numbers are references to the communications from the Naval Personnel (NP) Division of the Admiralty which recorded his POW status and death. Such papers have not survived.

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As a little background, when I was researching naval surgeons at Jutland I found this entry http://anne-arthur.livejournal.com/21666.html which refers to Surgeon Probationer Alexander Joe DSC, Nestor, born 1899 - "behaved with the greatest coolness under fire, tending the wounded single-handed both in ''Nestor'' and later on board a German destroyer. His conduct was highly praiseworthy throughout" according to his DSC citation. HMS NESTOR was sunk by gunfire; there were six casualties and eighty survivors.



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