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Remembered Today:

CSM William Lloyd MM & Bar

Doug Lewis

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While trawling through SDGW for men from my home town of

Wolverhampton, I came across CSM William Lloyd MM & Bar of Ist Btn

Worcestershire Regiment KIA 22/10/16 F&F.

Does anyone have any information about this man and how he won his MM?

Thanks Doug.

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Guest stevo66

This is a very old post, but I'll give it a go.....CSM William Lloyd was my great great uncle..

I am also trying to find out more about him as the family is a bit sketchy on him . and since his brother John (my great grandfather) was

not very forthcoming about such things and didn't like to talk about the war, It's been rather difficult finding much out....

However, you might give the Worchestereshire Regiment a shout and check their records..

William was CSM for about 30 days when he was killed... Very sad really.... Such is the cost of war....

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By the way, How did you find out he was from Wolverhampton ???

He is listed as from Wolverhampton in "Soldiers Died in the Great War" (SDGW)--the book Doug referenced.


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