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Royal East Kent Yeomanry (Mounted Rifles)


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I have this postcard from a Winchester photographer.


Can anyone tell me of a connection between the Royal East Kent Yeomanry or Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles being at one of the Winchester camps? Most likely Hazeley Down or Mourn Hill. Can't find any reference to Winchester under this regiment on LLT. 


I've been through the Winchester War Service Register and cannot find any local man in this regiment, out of 3400 odd names. 


The cap badge is similar to the Remount Service but the horse is facing left so defiantly REKY.  





reky 2.JPG

reky 1.JPG

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I would have thought that the Invicta horse badge belongs to the Royal West Kent Regiment

not The Buffs East Kent Regiment. I say that as I am a Man of Kent-born east of the river Medway!

There was a West Kent Imperial Yeomanry ,and I have a pair of binoculars which belonged to one of

the officers initialed on the leather case.Could this man be from that regiment?



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I think it's this one.

reky 3.JPG

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Yes it does look like that's the badge. I must confess I had never heard of The East Kent

Yeomanry Regiment nor The East Kent Mounted Rifles, I was only thinking of The Buffs.

Hope someone else can help



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Sorry no idea on this Regt, but I did find this soldier in that Regt, that joined the Camel Corps.


Benbow Arnold S. 50794 Pte Tos 9Co 5-17 on Sena Raid 8-17 WIA 28-3-18 at Amman later Author "Personal Expirence" shown in Kew records Ex West Kent Yeo (661) and East Kent Yeo (270535) to Notts Yeo (276917) brother Allen ICC

His brother, Allen is shown as this ;


Benbow Allen V 260664 Pte 9Co? ICC Ex 1/1 City of London Yeo (4110) shown in Kew records mentioned by Arnold Benbow that his brother was ICC brother Arnold ICC



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  • 2 years later...

Mt Grandfather on My mothers side was a Lewis gunner in the Royal East Kent Mounted rifles, later known as the Royal East Kent Yeomanry, Later he was listed under Machine Gun Corps, as can be seen here His name was Walter Cyril Barker, He was according to my mum in the thick of combat surviving Ypres, being lightly mustard gassed he developed emphysema later on in life and ultimately died of Pneumonia in the 1970's, Exactly one year to the day after his wife Nellie died, I hope the attached document in some small way clears up the ambiguity of the units. If anyone can help shed any more light on the history of the various units I would be much obliged, I had framed his discharge certificat from 1919 but would like to piece together a bit more about his exploits if at all possible, I never could get him to open up and talk about what he lived through when he was alive.


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I would advise to post your query as a seprate thread on its own in the soldiers and units section, that way you may get more of a response.


What I can tell you is the Cyril Barker's original number of 1610 with the REKMR is a pre-war enlistement thanks to Paul Nixon's excellent Army Service Numbers blog.



Good Luck,




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