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4th Connaught Rangers, Attached 2nd


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Can anybody tell me if the war diary for the above Battalion contain for the months of Nov/Dec 1914

any notes or appendices. Have noticed on Ancestry that a lot of these documents/maps have not been copied.

Researching 2/Lt Anthony Theodore Clephane Wickham. Thank you for your help. Jim.

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The 4th Bn was a Reserve Battalion and did not serve overseas. The Officer in question would have been a Special Reserve Officer posted to 2nd Bn which  - uniquely among Regular Battalions - was amalgamated with the 1st Battalion in Dec 1914 for the rest if the War. the 2nd Bn war diary is only 39 pages and does not include any appendices for Nov 1914. The diary ceases once it is amalgamated with the 1st Bn. As I suspect you are aware he disembarked on 24th Sep 1914 and was KIA on 2nd Nov 1914.


2nd Nov 1914. MOLENSAAELSHOEK  - Frequent Attacks and heavy shelling by Germany, who made partial lodgement in position of trench held by  B Coy, ½ A Coy and 1 ½  D Coy.   Enemy driven out again  WICKHAM Killed - MALINS  killed - Capt B ROONE  and Capt WHYTE wounded, 12 NCOs and men killed, 25 wounded men of  B Coy  Commanded by Lts FOOTT and AVELING.  Relieved at  night in trenches by HIGHLAND LIGHT INF


The published history of the Connaught Rangers by Jourdain contains no additional information. 


The 1914 Star medal roll and the Nov 1914 Army List both have him as a Lt effective 7th Oct 1907.

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