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This officer was on Hamilton's General Staff at Gallipoli, and is mentioned by Compton Mackenzie as tasking him with writing an encouraging account of the enemy's low morale for distribution to the men of the 52nd Lowland Division the day prior to them being involved in the Battle of Gully Ravine on 28th June 1915. They ultimately met well defended Turkish trenches and suffered heavy casualties as a result. Street was himself killed in action in August 1917. Does anyone know whether this account is mentioned elsewhere, or whether there are any archival records or papers relating to this officer's service in Gallipoli?

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Street was on the staff of the 29th Div and later of XIII Corps 


As an artillery officer who provided help and advice to the RN, unused to and unpracticed in their role of providing supporting gunfire to troops on land, he was well thought of by Commodore Keyes – see his memoirs


He is mentioned by John Lee in his biography of Hamilton for speaking up at the Dardanelles Commission - “... at no time was the magnitude of the task fully appreciated or the adequate means for carrying it out provided. Even the results achieved were only obtained by stretching to the utmost the forces and resources available on the spot at the time.”

Lee gives the ref for this as CAB.19/31, Statement by Lt Col Street RA, 17 Dec 1916


Peter Liddle quotes Royal Marine Williamson who observed this officer at the evacuation

“With the final message in, The Corps Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Street merely announced that we had better leave now, handed me two attache cases and picked up my rifle which he himself carried. When we got to the rowing boat awaiting us, I could not help but be amused that a Staff Officer, eyeing the considerable swell on the sea, began to give instructions to the naval Warrant Officer in charge of the boat, manned as it was by seamen of the Royal Navy.”


I hope that this is of help


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Compton Mackenzie has a telling pen picture of Col Street, just a little earlier in his book; in my copy it appears on pages 157/8

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Dick Flory has previously provided some details on Street's career here



To which I can add that he commenced his service with the 29th Div, which was formed in January 1915, in the rank of Major as the Division's GSO.(2)

under Col O C Wolley-Dod DSO, their GSO(1)

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Thanks very much for this - I have read those sources now, and will have a look at CAB 19/31 this week.



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