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My Great Grandmothers brother,Leading Seaman Ernest Henniker 183726(Chatham) was killed 99 years ago

today on this raid.He was serving on the destroyer North Star which was hit by the shore batteries when the

smokescreen lifted,and was sunk with the loss of several crew. His body was washed up several days later

in Holland, and he was buried in Vlissingen cemetery.

Does anyone have a photo of him either individual or as part of the crew,and is there a photograph of HMS

North Star?

I would like to add him to the memorial roll in the village where he was born_Charing in Kent.

He is not currently mentioned because the family moved away some time after his birth.

I appreciate such photos may not exist as I did ask a similar question on somebody else's post with no success

but here's hoping



























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Thanks for the link with photo of HMS North Star. The casualty list also made sad reading- showing

how the bodies were scattered by the tides,and washed up on beaches over a wide area according

to the cemeteries listed. then the number whose bodies were never recovered and are commemorated

on the Chatham and Portsmouth Naval Memorials.

I was also intrigued to see that A/B Ralph Lee ended up in Cement House Cemetery near Ypres-a long

way from the coast! But I assume this was because of later grave concentrations after the war, which I

know is what happened to RNAS AM1 Percy Yeatman who was shot down and drowned off Ostende,

initially buried in Ghent? and then moved to Cement House Cemetery.


Joe R,

Thanks for reply,but can't open it_ just says Geoff's Search Engine



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