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Trench Club


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Hi Everyone.

I would like to share with you this Trenchclub. It was The First one i've found. It seems to be a Frontmade Club, made with a lot of  dedication. Can anybody tell me anything about The Origin. Probably wich Nation used to make them in this Kind of Style, or who have used this Strange Kind of  Spikes?


Thank you so much for Answers





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There are a lot of fake fantasy trench clubs about, but although this one isn't a pattern I know, it does look like the real deal to me. It doesn't look British or German and I don't think it's French either. My guess is Austrian or Italian.

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A very similar Trench club (without the ring) was issued to the Home Guard Auxiliaries in WW2. The HG version had the centre drilled out and was filled with lead. So they are not just WW1 trench warfare items.

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Thanks Wainfleet. 

The most thing that makes me wonder is: it would Not have been much easier to Fill the Head with plumb instead to forge this Ring an pur em that way. The Ring seems to be placed in a very hör Condition, Claude of The Black, burned wood close ob Top of The Ring.It is also much more heavyer as all other Clubs i've ever Held in my Hands. It brings 680g on the Weight. My other "german standart" Clubs weights around 450g. 

I also have another Question about Trenchclubs or all Kind of Trench Raiding Weapons: Can anybody recommend my a good Book or Homepage about this Topic? 

Sorry for my Bad English guys, i hope you understand me.


en easier It Gould not have been easier

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Anthony Saunders' "Dominating The Enemy" is one such book. There are probably other books but I don't know them.


I do not know anything about HG weapons of WW2 but this club is similar to the WW1 British pattern in having three offset rows of three, ie two rows of three nails and a third row of three staples holding the steel ring. So that is a possibility to consider.

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Thank you all for your Answers. 

Somehow it seems hard for me to belive how this Club had found its way to Germany. But I also have never seen a similar Kind of Club on a German Trench Club Photo. Anyway. I Collect WW2 items too. 

What do you think about this one? 

Definitely German?


best regards 



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Definitely WW1 British in my opinion. This is the most commonly found British club pattern.

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Okay. About the 2nd Club: What is Support your Meaning? Do you have a Picture that Shows British Troops with that Kind of Club? For me ist hard to say, if ist British, German or something Else. I have a lot of German Trench Club Photos, but there's just one that Shows that similar Kind of Club. All others Looks completely diffrent, but are the Same Kind. Rounded Head, longer Nails. Is this "official" the German Pattern?


Best Regards




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A new reference book was just released 2018, actually it is the second in the series on the trench club.

You might find the answers to your questions in that new book.

I found this email address on another webpage.



Best of luck,

trench club

AAL_Vol2_COVER__2_cropped edit small finaladjcrop.jpg

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