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Capt Beaufoi J W M Moore MC, No 1 Trg Sqn


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I am now researching Capt Beaufoi John Warwick Montressor Moore MC, (RAec Certificate No 931) killed in a flying accident at No 1 Training Squadron on 10 June 1917.  He is notable for bringing down a kite balloon with a Le Prieur rocket while flying Nieuport 16 A116 on 25 June 1916, for which deed  he was awarded the MC.


However, so far, I have been unable to find a photograph of the man, so I will be very grateful if anyone on the Forum is able to oblige.




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Thank you very much for your amazingly rapid response - the photograph is just what I was looking for.






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The War Illustrated, 26th August, 1916-



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The Alverbank is still there! Now a hotel - I think the verandah has gone, but the garden is a very nice place to sit with a pint and look out across the Solent.


A couple of miles from where I'm sitting, in a flat on where was the northern margin of the Grange airfield.



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1.  MC:




2.  Death - 10 June 1917:


This morning, he took off in an Avro 504B B1399. In the rear seat was Captain Sydney Frank Heard who was under instruction. During the flight, Captain Moore turned around to give instruction to his pupil, whilst trying to make himself heard, the aeroplane lost height and was now flying at about 60 feet above the ground. The machine collided with a tall tree on Lee-on-Solent Golf Links.

Rescuers rushed from the airfield to the scene and the two occupants were taken from the wreckage, which had fallen to the foot of the tree. A Medical Officer who arrived on the scene just after the accident stated that on its fall, the machine was on fire and smashed, Captain Moore was lying beside it dead, but Captain Heard who was lying some distance away and was conscious. Captain Moore sustained terrible injuries, and died instantaneously. A verdict of accidental death was returned.


3.  IEE World War 1 Honour Roll:








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