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Binoculars. Prismatic. No3. 1916. Lt J.T. Ball.


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I found a pair of  Prismatic binoculars in the origional case;  made by " Optomerists. H.M. Government.  W. Watson and Sons Ltd. Est.1837.  313, High Holborn."  The case is in good condition,broad arrow stamped, but missing straps, it looks as though they were removed.  A capital G is stamped on the lid.  The rear of the case has been named to "Lieut. J.T. Ball. 16th Man. Regt".

 The Binoculars are marked W. Watson and Sons 1916.  Prismatic No.3 MK.II  x6  18614. 

I searched t'internet and found a (deleted) 2006 thread from the Forum, including the reply by John_Hartley below.

 Enlisted 1892. No. 3669. 1/4th Manchester Reg.

 Commisioned. L.G. 1/4/1915. Temp. Q.M. Hon Lt. 11/3/1915.

 MID. L.G. 26/5/1917.

MC. L.G. 1/1/1918.  

Temp. Q.M. Hon. Capt. 11/3/1918.


16th Manc.  Ball Q.M-Lt.jpg

Ball  B.jpg




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Great find with a fascinating history connected to it!



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  • 4 years later...

G’day Guy, 

I have just logged into the forum for the first time in about 4 years and stumbled across your message and this post. As I think you know, CAPT JT Ball is my Great-Grandfather. 

So now I am very curious (and very excited!!) as to where you found these??



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Hi Dave,

Welcome back. I’ve sent you a PM. 

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