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Special Order No 1

Gareth Davies

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1.  (a).  The following telegram has been received from the Commander-in-Chief:-


"General Officer Commanding, Heavy Branch, Machine Gun Corps
My congratulations on the excellent work done by the Heavy Branch of the Machine Gun Corps during yesterday's operations.  Please convey to those who took part my appreciation of the gallantry and skill shown by them. Chief."


     (b).  The following reply was sent:-


"All ranks Heavy Branch greatly inspired by the Chief's message. Please convey our thanks.  General Officer Commanding, Heavy Branch."


2.  In publishing the above telegram the Brigadier-General Commanding desires to add his appreciation of the fine work done by central workshops and the loyal cooperation of the 2nd Brigade and the training centre, Wool.


April 11, 1917.

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Hello Gareth


Was there a similar message from Haig after the battle of Flers-Courcelette?



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I don't know about a specific message from Haig to the HBMGC in September 1916 although I do recall him spending something. I am deep in the actions of the HAC in Mar/Apr 1917 at the moment but will try and look at my Sep 16 records later.  I do know that in his dispatches the CinC wrote "the part played by the new armoured cars - known as 'Tanks' - in some of the later fights has been brought to notice by me already in my daily reports. These cars proved of great value on various occasions, and the personnel in charge of them performed many deeds of remarkable valour."

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In certain areas of Arras the tanks were proved "Useless" although generally a vast improvement on previous actions. In certain areas there was chalky ground and others a loamy ground unsuitable for tanks


Certainly the 14th Division were particularly outspoken about Tanks where considerable casualties were caused to the Division by the failure of the Tanks, they even grounded on top of the Harp area when they eventually showed up too late to be of any use. Comments such as this is the second time the Division has been allotted tanks to play a crucial role, and the second time they have completely failed.


Not wanting to dilute anything the tanks and their crews achieved at all but!!!!





DSCN5400 copy.jpg

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