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andrew pugh

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Good Evening to you All


Could anybody tell me what German Units were attacking the 5th Brigade on the 23rd/24th March 1918 near Villers au Flos and Barastre/Haplincourt.





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Hello Andy!

I´ve got a map of the morning of 25 until 26.

Exactly near both villages was the 4th Inf.Div. with Inf.Rgts. 14, 49 and 140.

The official recording says, that the 4th division reached Basastre march 24 at 4 a.m.

For detailed informations you could buy the regimental histories on CD for 5€ each at:


(1st world war > books sort by unit number and name)

Inf.Rgt.14 is available. You could ask Patrick, if the others are availble too. He´s got other books, which a not yet digitalized.

The other engaged divisions in that area.

3rd Guard-Division: Lehr-Inf.Rgt., Guard-Füsilier-Rgt., 9th.Gren.Rgt.

24.Inf.Div.: Inf.Rgts. 133, 139 and 179


I´ve got the regimental history of the Lehr-Inf.Rgt. They were in Riencourt. In that book there is a map, wher you see, the 24th division was in Villers-en-Flos. Unfortunately the map is not dated exactly (only 21.3.-31.3.1918)




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