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Looking for clues: 276th A.E. Coy postcard

Alistair Steele

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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on the men in this postcard.


Years after giving up hope of ever finding a photo of my grandfather in uniform, my mum came across this while cleaning out my aunt's house in Scotland after her death. The man in the lower right is George Gribbon, who began the war with the 7th Cameron Highlanders (S/13420). He was wounded at Loos on Sept. 25, 1915, then sometime thereafter became a member of the 276th A.E. Coy, the unit with which he remained until the close of the war.


Any clues as to when/where this postcard was taken, and who else is in it? That's George Gribbon sitting cross-legged in the front row, far right. He's still got his tam on, but is no longer in kilt (unlike the man on the left, who looks like he may be a Cameron). The other men appear to be a mix of ranks, ages and regiments. Would this be typical of a Labour Corps unit? Judging by the French lettering on the door and the "Carte Postale" printed on the back of the (blank) card, it would appear this photo was taken in France. Presumably the names written on the right are the surnames of the men in the photo, although he appears to be one or two short.


Any help offered/light shed much appreciated!


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Hi Alistair,


I can't really help, as I don't know much about these things. A couple of observations though. The men seem to be from a number of different regiments as indicated by the range of cap badges they are wearing. The chap, second row, seated, centre, appears to have 3 overseas blue chevrons on his right arm which may date the photo to, or after 1917.





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