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Kings Royal Rifle Corps 4th Battalion


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Hi there,


I am currently studying and doing a biographical essay on my Great Uncle Samuel Joseph Griffin who was a bandsman in the 4th Battalion of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps.

At present I'm reading the diary of the KRRC's and pinpointing their locations on google maps. I have so far found every place except ELSONVAL or ELSONVALLE.

Would anyone know where this is or if maybe the name has changed? From what I can gather from the diary its 1.5 miles from CAESTRE, France but I'm having no luck finding it. Even a google search comes up with nothing.KRRC_Diary_pg17.jpg.b942e960bd174f16daa46828b4ea153b.jpg

I will attach a page of the diary were it states ELSONVAL.




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The diary reads ".... to a position at Elsonval 1.5 miles in rear of the trenches held by the French 32nd Division...." not 1.5 miles from Caestre.


Bardess points out the place as Elzonvalle.


The war diary of 1st Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 20 January 1915, refers to ELZONWALLE.


This may now be ELZENWALLE see C.W.G.C. Cemetery information which gives the longitude and latitude. This may help you locate the place.

http://www.cwgc.org/find-a-cemetery/cemetery/52503/ELZENWALLE BRASSERIE CEMETERY


Edit to add:- The diary carries on the next day - Elsonval 7.1.15    "5.0 P.M. The battalion started to ST.ELOI a distance of about 1.5 miles to take over a section of trenches held by the French".

This gives another fix on the place; it is 1.5 miles from St. Eloi (South of Ypres). This would fit with the Elzenwalle location above.  


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