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55 Squadron Officer Photo


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Hello all, 


After scouring the 55 Squadron leads on here for a while, I came across one post which featured a photograph of 55 Sqn officers 1917-onwards. My gr-gr uncle was Major Alex Gray MC, CO of 55 from '17 until October '18 if my sources are correct. The photo link has unfortunately expired and I'm curious if anyone still has it? Thank you. 



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This is a very long shot, but maybe worth a try.  


There's an article "55 Squadron RAF - The Johns Connection" by Mike Armstrong in Cross and Cockade International 24.4 (1993) that has a photo of "Some of the Officers of 55 Squadron."  The article was put on the web (http://members.optuszoo.com.au/aheyes40/family/ach/wej.html), where the photos are no longer visible, although the captions are.


So it might be worth asking for Armstrong's C&C article through interlibrary loan, or plonking down £3 at the C&C website (http://www.crossandcockade.com/store/Product.asp?cat=31&id=135) for a download to see whether it's the same photo and whether it includes Alex Gray.

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Many thanks for the above links, there seem to be many quotes from uncle Alex in that excerpt from W E Johns. I have letters from Mike Armstrong dating 1970-71 asking him to fill out a questionnaire in regards to 55 Sqn activities and day-to-day accounts. 


I've downloaded the Cross and Cockade article, however the officer photo does not include Alex. He left the Squadron in 19/9/18, so I would assume the photograph is dated after that, or he just was not present. It seems that he was the most senior rank as well, a Major - even though the majority of officers at 55 were 2nd Lt with one or two Captains. 

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