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Charles Sudlow WW1


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I am looking for any information about  my grandfather Charles Sudlow from Liverpool who fought in WW1 and was gassed but survived.  He died afterwards much later in 1946 but they said it was due to lung/breathing complications resulting from the gas.  Does anybody have ideas of where to look?


Thank you.

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If you put on this website as much as you know about your grandfather Charles Sudlow, family and any bit of military info then I'm sure someone will be able to help


If he was born Liverpool, did he serve in a local regiment... Kings Liverpool, for example










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If your grandfather didn't have any middle names then the search is relatively easy but we need to know a bit more as John has posted above ie. where did he die?. If he was gassed then that rules out one Charles Sudlow who did not serve abroad, there are service records on Ancestry for 2 other soldiers.

Waiting to search...

Regards Barry


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Hi Bones,


There only appears to be two options for your grandfather:


1] Charles - RFA number 112050, and

2] Charles - Monmouthshire Regiment number 291691, later Royal Fusiliers number GS/107825


The first chap appears to be a resident of Nottingham in 1918, as it seems that he is on the Absent Voters List under the number of 776638. Using that number you can find a few pages of a surviving service records  (two on Findmypast) that show he was previously numbered 112050. Unfortunately the records don't seem to include his original attestation which should have shown his declared birth place. I don't know if the 2 records on FMP are the same that Barry found on Ancestry, though in the absence of further detail my 'gut' feeling is that your grandfather is Charles #2 who doesn't appear to have surviving service papers. His medal roll record shows that he served overseas (after 1915) with the 1/2 Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment then the 43rd Battalion Royal Fusiliers.


As Barry suggests any further info that you have may help. If Charles #1 can be dismissed, then a near number search/sampling of men near Charles #2 who do have surviving papers may help you by inference to establish when he joined up and transferred, and from which, if you can establish a pattern, you should be able to cross reference against war diaries.






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Thank you so much for helping.    


He died in 1946 when my father was only 8 and my father was orphaned at 10 when his mother passed away, so we don't have much information.


I am told that Charles Sudlow would have been born in 1998 or 1996 in Liverpool to Thomas and Sarah Sudlow.  He was just a young private exposed to mustard gas in Europe.  He did not marry until 1937 and my father was born in 1938.  That's all we have unfortunately.  I will keep trying to find more information.


Thank you again for your assistance. It's greatly appreciated.

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Charles Sudlow was born in 1900 as death record shows (born 1900 died 1946)

The son of Thomas and Sarah Sudlow

The family can be found on the 1911 census residing at 76 Vauxhall Road Liverpool

his age in 1916 would have been just 16


Unfortunately it seems the family story that Charles was gassed in France is untrue

Charles's discharge service documents have survived 

They show Charles joined the Kings Liverpool reg Pte 114715 on the 20th Dec 1917

he was discharged from service 2/12/19 cause Varicose veins  /defective teeth 

Charles never served abroad (home service only)

His discharge address is given as 76 Vauxhall road Liverpool


His discharge documents with further details  can be found on Ancestry


Regards Ray


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Hi Ray and all

Yes that is the same man I queried originally, 114715 clearly was not gassed.

There are two Charles Sudlows born Liverpool. one registered in 1st qtr 1900. 8b,24 and the other 2nd qtr 1901 8b,111. I think the 1900 one is the most likely, in 1896 the family were living in Blenheim St, L'pool. according to the census 1901 and the birth/baptism of May/Mary Sudlow.

Bones....Am I right in thinking your great- grandmother was Sarah Griffiths b. 1862 Flintshire ,Wales, and married 2nd qtr 1891  West Derby, 8b,844.? 

If we extend the search to include details of your parents then it may be possible that other individuals are trying to trace Charles as well, and they may have information you don't.

I note you are in Ontario and your father was born in 1938 and his mother died in 1948. there must be some more leads to follow especially with the Canadian connection........

Regards Barry


It appears that Charles' sisters Jessie and May did not marry but Elise b.1904 did ( Sydney J Thelwell, 1927,Liverpool ?) although widowed prior to Jessie's death 8.7.1947. @ 45 Hampstead Rd, Liverpool.....looking ...John 16yrs 1911, 2 other siblings deceased Nellie and Thomas James.

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Yes, Thank you very much, I believe this must be him #114715 Kings Liverpool... Yes, Grandparents Sarah and Thomas.... My great Uncle Sydney J. Thelwell served on the HMS Forfar (Montrose) during WW2 which was torpedo by a German Uboat, his name is engraved on the Albert Dock Memorial in Liverpool.... So this must be Charles Sudlow....We have drawing of him said to have been done by a german prisoner of war...More fiction?Or fact? Could he have looked after German POWs in England? 

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