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 Could any much fitter GWF colleague assist?   There have been various publications  for the centennial years on those involved in particular sports- probably most notably, the Wisden on Cricket's Fallen. I have a casualty who was a distinguished amateur athlete, Captain John Austin Miller, formerly 4th Bn. Essex Regiment- badly wounded at Gallipoli by a bullet wound to chest and lung, which put paid to his athletic career. Seems to have been a decent sprinter before the war- hovering around international level. I have some references to his athletic achievements but would like to get a complete "fix" on him.

     Is there any equivalent to the Wisden for athletes???? Either contemporary or recent. I have Neil Shuttleworth's article in Stand To! April 2005 in font of me- which,tantalisingly,suggests there is quite an extensive contemporary literature on athletics. I do not know which club Miller belonged to. He ran for Essex- so Essex AAA,of which he was Secretary and was at the Stock Exchange, which would suggest a metropolitan club. Would any member know a way into the literature or any central source for the athletes lost in WW1???


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Try the National Athletic Archives, you could find him there.


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Try Belgrave Harriers a very old London Club, an old north London club was 

Shaftsbury Harriers c1890

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